August 24, 2016 – Tridentine Mass at Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Peoria, Illinois

From the bulletin of Saint Andrew Parish, Fairbury Illinois.  Fairbury has its own Latin Mass on Sunday’s @ 11:00 AM, with the excellent priest Father Scott Archer.

August 24, 2016 – Tridentine Mass at Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Peoria, Illinois –

Founders Day Activities: Wednesday, August 24 at 7:15pm – Solemn Tridentine Requiem Mass in the Cathedral for the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Archbishop Spalding.

Life of Archbishop John Lancaster Spalding, first bishop of Peoria:

John Lancaster Spalding was born June 2, 1840 in Lebanon, Kentucky.

He was ordained to the Priesthood in Louvain, Belgium in 1863.  After having studied in Rome for a year he was appointed assistant pastor of the Cathedral in Louisville, Kentucky.  In 1866, he established Saint Augustine’s Color Parish in Louisville, KY.

He was called to New York to write a biography of his uncle, Archbishop Martin Spalding in 1872, and was later appointed assistant pastor of St. Michael’s Church there.

On May 1, 1877, John L. Spalding was consecrated the first Bishop of Peoria, created out of part of what was then the Diocese of Chicago.  Shortly after arriving in Peoria, he observed the Franciscan Sisters and their poverty.  He requested Mother Xavier to release them to be established as a separate Franciscan congregation and promised he would help them.  He directly assisted in acquiring property.  On September 30, 1877, he laid the cornerstone and in May of 1878, he dedicated the new St. Francis Hospital in Peoria.

Bishop Spalding achieved national prominence for helping President Theodore Roosevelt and J.P. Morgan to end the Great Coal Strike of 1902 as a member of the Arbitration Commission that awarded the miners a retroactive 10% wage increase and reduced daily work hours from 10 to 9.

On January 6, 1905 he had a stroke which left him partially paralyzed.  He resigned as Bishop of Peoria in 1908 and was elevated to the rank of titular Archbishop of Scythopolis.

After his retirement, the priests of the Diocese had a new home built for him near the hospital.  This house was later used as the residence for the Bishops of Peoria.  This house then became the convent for the Sisters of Saint Francis.

Archbishop Spalding died on Friday, August 25, 1916, at 3:45 PM.

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Rosary Crusade starts on August 15th, tally sheet up

More information about the Rosary Crusade being called by for Bishop Fellay is now available.  The Society of Saint Pius X is hoping to have 12 million rosaries said, and FIFTY million sacrifices offered, for the intentions offered, which are (links inserted by me):

It follows the intentions indicated by the Blessed Virgin herself: (I) Jesus wishes to establish in the world the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

 In order to do so, all the faithful are invited: 

1. to recite the rosary daily, alone or as a family;

2. to accomplish the devotion of the reparatory communion on five first Saturdays, and to multiply their daily sacrifices in a spirit of reparation for the outrages against Mary;

3. to wear the miraculous medal themselves and to diffuse it around them;

4. to consecrate their homes to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Besides the propagation of this devotion, we will also pray (II) for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and (III) for the pope and all the bishops of the Catholic world to consecrate Russia to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

And as a special intention we will add (IV) the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Society of St. Pius X and all its members in addition to all the religious communities of Tradition.

The Rosary Crusade starts on August 15, 2016, and goes for over a year up to August 22, 2017.  October 13, 2017 is the 100 year anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

As I mentioned in my original post on the crusade, the Society of Saint Pius X usually gives form you can fill out and send in to show how many Rosaries you have said in the crusade.  The form is now available, and is HERE.

Note that those who attend SSPX chapels may be asked for their pastors to turn in tallies to the chapel rather than sending them in, and may be asked to do so on a monthly basis.

For those who do not live close to or otherwise do not attend a chapel, you can send in the form to the District House, or use an online tool, which you can see at the first link in this post🙂

For those sending in their forms, and living in the United States, here is the information on the District House:

Regina Coeli House
11485 N. Farley Road
Platte City, MO 64079

816-753-0073  |  email

-Average Catholic

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Short reflections on the Santa Fe Pilgrimage


Last weekend I participated in the Sante Fe Pilgrimage, which took place outside McPherson, Kansas, and was a 33-mile walk to the Padilla Cross.  This post is not meant to be an in-depth report on it, but just some impressions.  I am working on writing up something very detailed for my family to read, and I may share parts of that online as well.

The pilgrimage was wonderful.  Painful, but wonderful.  I’ve heard the expression of ‘my blisters have blisters’, but I didn’t know that was physically possible🙂

The whole experience, the whole weekend was great.  My father and I went together, which was great, just him and I spending the weekend together.  Next year I am going to take some of my boys with me, the older ones, but this time it was a trip with my father.

I got to know some people better that I have talked to on the phone and traded emails with, such as Louis Tofari (Romanitas Press) and Mike Austin (Magnificat Media).  It was a pleasure to meet you both in person!  I got to know a gentleman named Charlie very well, and enjoyed our conversations.  I visited the Angelus Press store/warehouse, which resulted in me spending a bit of money on books.  But they were all on my list to buy anyways!


 I also got to meet several Society priests, both at Saint Vincent de Paul (in Kansas City, MO, where Dad and I stayed before and after the pilgrimage) and during the pilgrimage itself.  All of the priests were wonderful, but the one that made a great impression on me was Father Kenneth Novak!  He was tireless, either leading the prayers at the front of the group, or walking in the group itself, checking on us men to see how we were doing, encouraging us to continue on.

The pilgrimage took place overnight, starting at 6:00 pm Friday July 22, and ending around 10:00 am on Saturday July 23.  When we started it was 105 degrees (Kansas in the summer!), and it dipped to around 80 degrees about 4:00 am, which I was very thankful for.  I usually don’t think of 80 degrees as cool, but in this case it was!

Dad worked as support for most of the pilgrimage.  Mr. Tofari mentioned how incredibly important the help staff is, getting food and water set up at the break areas.  The breaks were important, as it allowed us to get off our feet, if only for a few minutes, and refill our canteens or water bottles, something that is so important in 100-degree weather.  Dad walked the last 6 miles though, so he got to experience the prayer and penance as well.


The pilgrimage was filled with prayer.  It was filled with reflections on the Creed, the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary (the whole traditional 15-mystery Rosary) and more.  There werePilgrimage people of all ages, from children with boundless energy (though not all children made it 33-miles), young men (many from Saint Mary’s, Kansas), to middle-aged like myself, to old.  Everyone set out to show their love for God, to deepen their faith, to do penance.  It was beautiful, it was hard.  And many of us did not make it the whole 33 miles, but either way, it was great.


While my own pastor used to be in the army, and has told me a story of a forced march where they moved 15 miles in 3 hours in scorching hot weather, I myself have never gone on a long long walk, march, or pilgrimage.  So I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I am thankful that I got into much better shape this year, having been challenged by a friend of mine to start running again.  In the 4 months before the pilgrimage, I had dropped over 30 pounds, and have now run in a couple of 5K (3.1 mile) races, with another to be run next week.  

But running 3.1 miles, and walking 33 miles in very hot weather, are two different things.

There was a van that always tailed the slowest person, and around 6:00 am, I finally had to take that.  I had made it about 24 miles, not the whole 33.  It was a bit disappointing, as I am very stubborn, and don’t like to admit my own limitations.  But I wore out.


I went ahead to help set up the altar at the foot of the Padilla Cross, so I still felt useful!  Plus I got to know some other people who also helped set up for Mass.

I am definitely going back next year, and going to take two of my sons, who by then will both be teenagers.  It would also be wonderful if Dad comes along again.  

Some advice for those who make the pilgrimage in the future, not all of which I followed this time…

1) Bring a canteen or large water bottle.  You are going to be very thirsty between the break areas.

2) Salt!  Assuming it is hot again (and it will be) you are going to lose a lot of salt walking.  Bring trail mix.  You are going to need the salt, and the energy, from the food.  And the salt will help your muscles not to cramp up, which starts to make a huge different around mile 20.

3) Footwear.  My shoes were nice and broken in from my running, but I still got a foot covered in blisters.  Bring extra socks.  If your socks get wet, you can change them.  But you can also just throw on an extra pair of socks, which is important once you start feeling every tiny stone through your shoes.

4) There are things you can do to treat blisters, from things to cover them with to different lotions.  Unless you have rough calloused feet, assume you are going to get blisters, and have ways to treat them. 

5) Be sure to use the short breaks to treat your feet, as well as get more water and eat some food.

Hopefully next year, with more company and being in even better shape, I will be able to make the entire 33-mile walk, and get the red nail, which is reserved for those who persevere to the end🙂

God bless,



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Angelus Press Conference: The Missions, October 7 – 9, 2016

Details on this year’s Angelus Press Conference are now coming out.  The conference will take place in Kansas City, Missouri (as usual) from October 7 – 9.

Text from the announcement is copied below:

This year’s Conference of Catholic Tradition – which will have as its topic “The Missions” – has just opened its early registration

“And He said to them: Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

Our Lord commanded the Apostles to spread the faith and teach all nations; yet, we live in a world where the errors of atheism, agnosticism, paganism, and religious indifference are spread at an alarming rate. It’s a time when, for many, the missionary spirit does not exist.

This fall Angelus Press once again brings together some of the best Catholic thinkers, speakers, and writers to consider this year’s topic: The Missions. Come learn more about how The SSPX is working to spread the faith far and wide, while at the same time enjoying the company of other like-minded traditional Catholics. This conference is relevant for all Catholics, young and seasoned alike.

Join us for Angelus Press’ seventh annual Conference for Catholic Tradition – a profoundly enjoyable Catholic weekend on October 7 – 9, 2016 at the Kansas City Airport Hilton in Kansas City, Missouri.

Watch for an announcement coming soon on the full speakers’ list!

Register before August 5th for Early Bird Savings

Complete Package – $70 Savings
Single Day – $20 Savings

Conference Information
Registration Link

I dug a little deeper for the prices (they are HERE):

Promotional prices apply to SSPX teachers.

Complementary:  Priests and Religious that are SSPX get in free.  Other priests and religious call 1-800-966-7337 for details.

Showing details for Complete Package below.  Follow the link for details on the other options.


Complete Package Detail:

Includes:  All Meals (Friday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Sunday – Brunch) NOTE: Breakfast served on Friday

Admission to all conferences, including Saturday dinner presentation

Ticket for the shuttle to the Pontifical High Mass at historic St. Vincent’s

Does not include hotel stay:  To take advantage of the special rate we have arranged at the Hilton, please  call 816-891-8900 or visit our sign-up page here.








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Bishop Fellay Announces New Rosary Crusade

I first heard about this on Damsel of the Faith’s website.

Bishop Fellay has announced a new Rosary Crusade, leading up to the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima.  The first vision of Our Lady, to the three shepherd children Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, was on May 13, 1917.  The Miracle of the Sun occurred on October 13, 1917, and was witnessed by 70,000 people.

The Rosary Crusade is to take place from August 15, 2016 to August 22, 2017. The announcement of the Rosary Crusade can be found on the SSPX’s website, HERE.  The Society of Saint Pius X is looking for 12 million Rosaries to be said.

In past Rosary Crusades, the Society of Saint Pius X has provided sheets where you can record the Rosaries said, and either turn them into your chapel, or if you do not attend an SSPX chapel, to send them into their central office.  If there is such a sheet provided, I will link to it.

Below, from the SSPX website, are the intentions for the Rosary Crusade:

It follows the intentions indicated by the Blessed Virgin herself: (I) Jesus wishes to establish in the world the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
In order to do so, all the faithful are invited:

1. to recite the rosary daily, alone or as a family;
2. to accomplish the devotion of the reparatory communion on five first Saturdays, and to multiply their daily sacrifices in a spirit of reparation for the outrages against Mary;
3. to wear the miraculous medal themselves and to diffuse it around them;
4. to consecrate their homes to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Besides the propagation of this devotion, we will also pray (II) for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and (III) for the pope and all the bishops of the Catholic world to consecrate Russia to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

And as a special intention we will add (IV) the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Society of St. Pius X and all its members in addtition to all the religious communities of Tradition.

Read the rest there🙂

-Average Catholic

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Call for Church Pictures!! – Traditional Latin Mass Finder

As part of the work on the Traditional Latin Mass Finder app (both the existing iOS app, and the upcoming Android version), we are looking at putting thumbnail pictures of churches that offer the Traditional Latin Mass on listings.

If you have pictures of your churches, please forward them to .  If you don’t have pictures, take some!  Small resolution pictures are fine, since they need to be paired down so as not to eat up bandwidth.  If you send us larger pictures, that’s great too!

This request for pictures will be put into the app’s News Feed as well🙂

Note: We need to be able to use the pictures without worry of licensing, since we offer the app for free.  So pictures taken individuals by you are probably best.

-Average Catholic

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Santa Fe Pilgrimage to Padilla Cross: Lyons, KS

In three weeks, on July 22-23, 2016, there will be a pilgrimage to the Padilla Cross in Lyons, Kansas.  It is an overnight, 33-mile walk for men and boys.  You can read about it ON THIS PAGE, and it has links to a brochure, a video, and other information.  I am reproducing some of the text below.

The Santa Fe Pilgrimage is a 33-mile walk made overnight to the Padilla Cross situated just outside of Lyons, Kansas. The 26′ tall granite cross commemorates America’s Protomartyr, Fr. Juan de Padilla, a Spanish Franciscan who gave his life for the Catholic Faith in 1542.

The 2016 pilgrimage is from Friday, July 22 to Saturday, July 23 and is for men and boys only. To get a sense of what this unique pilgrimage is like (the only men-boys pilgrimage walked overnight), watch the video of the 2015 pilgrimage and see the image gallery below.

The pilgrimage’s motto of “Take the nail!” comes from its special scrip (or badge), which is a square nail. Before starting the walk, every pilgrim receives a blessed nail to carry throughout the pilgrimage. At the pilgrimage’s conclusion, those who completed all 33 miles receive a special red nail, while a white one is given to the hard-working support team members.

I and my father will be participating on this pilgrimage as well🙂

-Average Catholic

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