Opening Post

Welcome to . If you have found this site, chances are that you are interesting in reading about the Catholic faith. Perhaps you are already Catholic, and wish to find others online who are also. Or maybe you are checking out the faith, to find out what Catholics believe, who we are, etc.

Either way, welcome!

So, why is the site called “Average Catholic”?

The reason I call this site Average Catholic is that I am not a bishop, or a priest, or a theologian. I am an average Catholic sitting in the pews on Sunday.

I love my faith, my faith in Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. I have studied the reasons why the Church teaches what She does – from Baptism (including infant Baptism), the papacy, the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, etc. I can defend all these things, and have done so with my Protestant friends and colleagues.

If you are looking for a more professional blog, run by a priest, I recommend “What Does the Prayer Really Say?”, with Father Z (

I believe what the Church teaches, including the permanence of marriage, the the teachings on always being open to life (in other words, no contraception), on the value of life at all stages, including those yet to be born (in other words, I’m against abortion), and all of the “controversial” Catholic positions.

I am also a traditionalist. While Vatican II chose to present Catholic Truth to the world using a new style and language, the teachings of the Church did not “change”. The Mass, however, and the language, did. I prefer the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), and try to make it to a TLM as often as possible. I especially love High Masses, with Gregorian Chant. Those are absolutely beautiful.

What will this blog be about? This website will be about my thoughts on current events, especially those within the Church.

Also, I love technology. I like Apple products, but also Linux. I also have a Windows partition, to play with the programs my brother makes. I have programmed in Windows, Unix, for the web, and for the iPhone. Programming for the iPhone is my current job, so if I seem a little biased towards that platform, I apologize 🙂 I work both with other iPhone programmers, as well as programmers for the Android platform. I respect both.

So, that is what my blog will be about – the Catholic Faith, current events analyzed from a Catholic perspective, with some tech news thrown in here and there.

Finally, this blog is currently being constructed. It might be a little while before all the generic items are off the screen.

God Bless

Notes on comments – Comments are welcome. However, I reserve the right to delete any comments for any reason.

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