Ignoring Ron Paul

While I love Rick Santorum’s unapologetic pro-life views, there is another pro-life candidate who also wants us to get out of all the wars that the United States is fighting (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and don’t forget us attacking Yemen!).

Yet the media is doing everything it can to ignore Ron Paul. I noticed after the Iowa Straw poll the media was reporting that Bachmann came in first, and Pawlenty third, and the media skipped over who came in 2nd!! Ron Paul was something like 200 votes behind Bachmann, just .2% or something like that.

Jon Stewart did a great job in showing this bias and ignoring. A link to the video is below.

I have been saying for some time (not on this new blog, of course) that the media doesn’t tell us what conclusions to come to. They tell us what to think about. And we happily do it.

“Think about this, talk about that, but don’t see what is going on over here…”

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2 Responses to Ignoring Ron Paul

  1. Sylvia Walker says:

    This was funny! Outrageous, but funny! I’ve never seen such a blatant attempt to “erase” a person as this one. Our media, like our universities, do try to “tell us what to think about issues”. I’m curious to know what Ron Paul’s stand is on abortion. I’d like to see a libertarian who is also socially conservative, as I’m all for small (very small) government, and state’s rights, and bringing our troops home. Guess I’ll check him out on the Net! Mom

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