World Youth Day

A major Catholic event is going on in Madrid, Spain right now. World Youth Day 2011 is going on over there. Which is really World Youth Week :). Today Pope Benedict XVI resided over the Stations of the Cross. My family and I watched it on EWTN. While not the full event, I have linked a Rome Reports video about it below.

It is hard to believe it has been over 9 years since World Youth Day 2002, when I travelled to Toronto, Canada to see Pope John Paul II and attend the main Mass. Time does fly.

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1 Response to World Youth Day

  1. Sylvia Walker says:

    This was so beautiful! Pope Benedict looks so frail; I hope he stays in good health. I hope he’s successful in bringing the Faith back to countries, like Spain, or Ireland, who have largely fallen away. The Pope’s statement that we should not ignore people who need our help is challenging, because mostly we don’t want to get involved, or bothered. Mom

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