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E !=mc2

Interesting article on modern scientific experiments, and how the speed of light being broken disproves many current theories (especially Relativity). It also has many implications that, including casting new light on heliocentrism versus geocentism, and the M & M experiment. … Continue reading

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Vortex – A Knight’s Tale

Michael Voris is invested into the Royal Order of Saint Michael of the Wing.

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Vortex – The Crusades

This is a very quick summary of the crusades, and a castle in Portugal.  I will watch the CIA episode on the crusades as soon as I get a chance.  If it is good, I will post that as well. … Continue reading

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Abortion and Contraception – Brothers

(Author’s Note:  This article is part of a larger book I am writing, and you will find references to different “sections”.  I originally published this article on, which has since closed) Abortion and Contraception – Brothers  The use of Contraception … Continue reading

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Reparation Mass in Illinois

There is going to be a Reparation Mass in Gilman, IL, on October 1. The Mass is going to be celebrated in the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass). The priest celebrating it is from the Institute of Christ the King. … Continue reading

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Removing the Vatican II Impediment

Great article loaded with lots of information on Vatican II, the SSPX, and especially on Archbishop Anibale Bugnini. The article is from the Remnant Newspaper’s website, writing by Christopher Ferrara.

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Bishop Bernard Fellay on Ecumenism

Below is a video of Bishop Fellay discussing religious freedom, ecumenism, and the true faith. This is a very concise explanation that the one true faith is the Catholic faith, and the only one that will get us to heaven.

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