Reparation Mass

My family and I went to the Reparation Mass last night at Gilman, IL. It was at the Immaculate Conception Church.

The trip for us is about an hour. We take two vehicles as we have a large family – 7 kids. Leaving about 4:30, we got there about 5:40, 20 minutes before the start of the Rosary. Walking into the parish hall, we were greeted by a lady who recognized us from the Latin Mass in Fairbury. We made a little small talk before the Rosary started.

The Rosary was held at an outside grotto, which was very beautiful. I should have gotten a picture if I had thought of it. Next time I am in Gilman I will do that.

I didn’t count, but there were probably 50 people there for the Rosary. It was led by a candidate for the priesthood (I met him later). We prayed the Glorious Mysteries. My kids were good while praying the Rosary, even my little 3-year old trouble-maker 🙂

The Mass was wonderful. Canon Ueda of the Institute of Christ the King was the celebrants. There was gregorian Chant also – a beautiful Mass! The Mass latest about an hour and a half, and some of the younger kids got a little restless, especially my 3-year old son and 5-year old daughter.

After the Mass refreshments were served in the parish hall. “Refreshments” is an understatement. It was more like dinner – hot dogs, tacos, spaghetti, cow tongue, baked beans, green beans, desserts, drinks and more.

I would have felt bad that our large family ate so much, but many the families were large, and young. Lots of young couples, lots of kids – from babies to teenagers. When I see such a young, vibrant gathering, I know am I seeing the future of the Church!

My wife loved the meal after the Mass. She is much more social than I am, and loves meeting other people whom we share a love for the Mass with.

The trip took a long time – we left for the Mass at 4:30, and did not get back until 10:30. Six hours, but it was definitely worth the effort.

One things the children bring away from these trips is the immense importance of living our Catholic faith. And this, after all, is all that matters in the end.

Also, I am now inspired to build a Marian grotto in my yard. I have already found some good suggestions on how to make a nice one, without having to be a stone mason 🙂

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1 Response to Reparation Mass

  1. Sylvia Walker says:

    Oh, I wish that Dad and James and I could have gone with you! I’m so glad the children are getting opportunities to experience the beautiful Latin Mass, and to see how important the Faith is to their parents. How wonderful that you got to hear Gregorian chant; I’ve only heard it on recordings. Dinner sounds good, too…well, except for that cow tongue! Mom

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