New Translations, CCD, and Getting Older

My family attended one of our local Masses today, a Novus Ordo Mass.  My whole family went at the same time again (we’ve been able to do that since we’ve picked up the 2nd vehicle).  Today was the first day our priest used the new translation, using note sheets from the USCCB.

The new translation is much superior, a much more faithful rendering of the Latin into English.  We’ve moved from the “And also with you” to the “And with your spirit”, from the “God of power and might”, to the “Lord God of Hosts”, etc.  Credo is now being translated as “I believe”, instead of “We believe”, and multus is now being translated as “many” instead of “all” (a very important change!).

Many of the parishioners stumbled a bit on the new translations, but that was natural.  It will take a few weeks before people change over.  The new translation of the Nicene Creed will take me some practice.  I’ve read a good translation in my Latin Mass missal, and this new English translation is a lot closer to it, but I rarely said the Latin Mass version of the Nicene Creed in English (or Latin for that matter – I have the Latin for the Apostle’s Creed memorize, but not for the Nicene Creed).

Over all, I think this is a good change for the Novus Ordo, the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite.

Second piece of news – at the same parish I am going to be a CCD teacher this year.  And my teenage daughter is going to be helping out as well.  I just received the materials for 3rd and 4th grade today.  I will be covering those grades.  There are only 3 official teachers (including me), and my daughter will make 4.  We will see how she does.  It should be fun.

Finally, the “getting older” part.  I held our 4-month old throughout the Mass.  He was very good.  Toward the end, he fell asleep on my shoulder, and was quite cute.  The part that made me feel old was – after Mass someone asked me if he was my grand-child!  I politely said no, he’s our youngest, our 7th child.  But, well, I don’t pass for “young” anymore.  My hair is receding, and there is more gray in it, and it will just get worse.

No, I am not a grandfather yet.  I don’t plan to be for a while yet.  Let’s wait until my oldest is at least 18!  Admittedly she’s been mistaken for older than she is before, such as when we visited the convent in Princeville, but I’d hope I didn’t appear old enough to be a grandfather yet 🙂

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1 Response to New Translations, CCD, and Getting Older

  1. Sylvia Walker says:

    We’re still waiting for the new translations to come into use up here, although we are using the new music. Dad is especially glad that the “for all” will be accurately translated as “for many.” I wish that Father Francis (whom we like!) would offer the option of kneeling for Communion, as Father Whiteside did, so Dad and James would feel comfortable taking Communion. When we can, we’re going to attend the Latin Mass in Marquette. –I know how you feel about being mistaken for your child’s grandparent! Dad and I got that the whole time James was growing up! –Tell Crysta I’m happy and proud that she’s going to be helping teach a CCD class! Mom

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