Demographic Winter

This is a documentary on the upcoming population crisis – the UNDER-population crisis.  The documentary is very interesting.  The main point is this – societies are not having enough children, and the effects of this on society are devastating.  We are already feeling the effects of under-valuing children in the western world, as shown in the economic disaster that is befalling Europe, and the seemingly endless recession “not really a recovery” we are mired in here in America.  And it is only going to get worse.

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1 Response to Demographic Winter

  1. Sylvia Walker says:

    Dad and I just finished watching this, and we were glued to the screen! Very interesting. As someone brought up with the idea that humans are “bad for the environment”, I’m interested to see new ideas coming out that the environment NEEDS us, to take care of it, and of course you need a moneyed population to do that well. We hadn’t thought about the declining birthrates in countries such as Mexico, and the future effect that will have on the USA. I’ve read the allegation that Americans “hate” children now, and there may be some truth to that; many adults don’t want to be bothered. Lots of food for thought! Mom

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