Commercial for Ron Paul

I’ve watched the Republican debates this year, and have been very disappointed in most of the candidates. Romney instituted something VERY similar to Obamacare in Massachusetts and used to be pro-abortion, Gingrich supported a global-warming agenda and has taken tons of cash from Fannie Mae, Bachmann gives very slippery answers (such as on abortion if rape cases, where she dodged the question), and most of the candidates support torture (water-boarding).

The two candidates that seem like decent people (pro-life, anti-torture, anti-global cop, etc) are Jon Huntsman, and Ron Paul. I particularly like Ron Paul. Linked below is a YouTube commercial for him.

He’s in the running to win Iowa, and if he does that, he might actually stand a chance.

The media constantly write him off. But they wrote off John Kerry for the Democratic nomination in 2004, and declared John McCain hopeless in winning the Republican nomination in 2008. In other words, ignore the media.

Note: ignore the Miley Cyrus text at the top of the still image — a YouTube bug?

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