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Forced Sterilizations Can Still Happen Here « Catholic Exchange

Combined with the anti-Catholic and immoral HHS Mandate I commented on earlier, this story of an attempted forced abortion makes my skin crawl. In the early part of the 20th century, the United States was in the forefront of eugenics … Continue reading

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The HHS Contraception Mandate vs. the Religious Freedom Restoration Act—Introduction – By Ed Whelan – Bench Memos – National Review Online

Pray for this stupid mandate that blatantly violates religious freedom, and helps to establish the Culture of Death further in our culture, to be overturn. Also write your senators, congressmen, and the president to oppose this mandate. That said, I … Continue reading

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Forget global warming – its Cycle 25 we need to worry about and if NASA scientists are right the Thames will be freezing over again | Mail Online

For those betting on the earth frying, don’t worry. I am sure there will be a contradictory story tomorrow about how if we don’t act within 10 years to destroy our economy (always about 10 – 15 years out, of … Continue reading

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Family Feud

For those who pay attention to the state of the Church, it is well-known that there are A LOT of different groups. There are the Traditionalist Catholics (who attend the Traditional Latin Mass, etc). There are the Modernists, who are … Continue reading

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Veteran Pol Santorum Emerges From Iowa With a Timely Message | Daily News |

Rick Santorum is actually in a position to challenge Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination. Rick Santorum is not the perfect candidate, but I do really like his pro-life and pro-family views. He is a much better candidate than Mitt … Continue reading

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Alan Colmes remarks about Rick Santorum’s child; Santorum’s remarks about marriage | Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?

The second video in this story is particularly important, but they are both worth a watch. The first one shows Alam Colmes mocking Rick Santorum for honoring his dead baby when he brought him home to show him to his … Continue reading

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