Family Feud

For those who pay attention to the state of the Church, it is well-known that there are A LOT of different groups. There are the Traditionalist Catholics (who attend the Traditional Latin Mass, etc). There are the Modernists, who are trying to rewrite Church teaching. There is kind of “luke-warm” crowd, who like the Church but will dissent on certain teachings – such as Confession or contraception.

The following “Vortex” is not perfect, but does a fairly good job of showing the different camps in the Church.

We men can mess pretty much anything up.

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1 Response to Family Feud

  1. Sylvia Walker says:

    Dad says he’s seen this for 40 years! A knowledge of history is a tiny bit comforting here; the Church has survived heresies and division before. Dad says this is on a par with Arianism. I’m glad both Bishop Sample and Bishop Jenke are in the “good bishop” camp! Mom

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