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Gloria TV News on Ash Wednesday

Gloria TV News on Ash Wednesday. There are several good stories in this one. Gloria TV News – Click Here Advertisements

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World Magazine on last night’s debate

I watched last night’s debate. Romney and Santorum really went at each other, with Ron Paul working as Romney’s wingman. Newt Gingrich largely sat back and didn’t attack, except at a stupid media question on contraception. Overall, I don’t think … Continue reading

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Frodo Is in Africa |

A great article on the future of Christianity. Our decadent culture which celebrates the murder of our children is not the future. The Christians growing all throughout the world are. Frodo Is in Africa |

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Why EWTN Won’t Cover Contraception –

Michael Warsaw’s op-ed article in the New York Times on why EWTN won’t cover contraception. Why EWTN Won’t Cover Contraception –

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Galileo – Making the Case for Faith and Science

An interesting Catholic Investigative Agency program, with host Michael Voris. It discusses the controversy of Galileo’s ideas of helio-centrism, and how the theory at the time could not be proved.

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This Gloria TV news has really good sections on cohabitation and on the reasons to go to Church. Gloria TV News on the 21st of February.

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Are We Outlaws Again? | Catholic Exchange

This article from Catholic Exchange reaches into the history of England, to show some of the similarities between he Obama Administration’s HHS mandate, and the persecution Catholics have suffered in England in times past. Are We Outlaws Again? | Catholic … Continue reading

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