World Magazine on last night’s debate

I watched last night’s debate. Romney and Santorum really went at each other, with Ron Paul working as Romney’s wingman. Newt Gingrich largely sat back and didn’t attack, except at a stupid media question on contraception.

Overall, I don’t think last night’s debate changed the trajectory of the nomination. Which is good. Santorum isn’t the perfect candidate, but he is the strongest pro-life, pro-family candidate in the race. I will be voting for him. If the polls stay the same, Santorum will win Michigan and deal a serious blow to Romney as Romney loses the state he was born in and the state his father was governor of.

Below is World Magazine’s take on the debate, and the state of the race. World Magazine’s opinions of the debate seem to reflect my own. It is a good article to read.

World Magazine on last night’s debate.

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