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RORATE CÆLI: For the record – Latest Tornielli: “Fellay’s response has arrived; it is positive” [Updated]

I am optimistic that the reconciliation between Rome and the SSPX will take place, especially with this latest news.  I pray that it does come about.  I believe that the restoration of the Church will be through Tradition, and the … Continue reading

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Bp. Jenky (D. Peoria) unloads about “Judas” Catholics and Pres. Obama | Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Below is Father Z’s take on Bishop Jenky’s (my bishop) homily for the Catholic Men’s March (I was there, along with two of my boys) this past Saturday. Bishop Jenky does not pull his punches.  Father Z’s story also contains … Continue reading

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Cardinal Pell debates famed atheist Richard Dawkins

This is all over the Catholic internet today.  It is about an hour long.  It was a very interesting debate 🙂  

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Kirk Cameron on Homosexuality

Kirk Cameron is being interviewed by Pierce Morgan about a documentary he is making, and is ambushed by a question on homosexuality. He did a pretty good job defending his views. Kirk Cameron is one of the more moral actors … Continue reading

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