Leo XIII & the one hundred years

Pope Leo XIII was a very influential pope, who ruled during the latter part of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century (1878 – 1903). Leo XIII had a very famous vision, in which he saw that the power of Satan would be unleashed against the world, and the Church, for a period of 100 years.

He had this vision on October 13, 1884. Another October 13th that was very significant was October 13, 1917, in which the Miracle of the Sun happened in Portugal. Coincidence?

Looking at the great moral breakdown of today, and the confusion of teachings within the Church, with many of Her members falling into Modernism, I believe that we have been
in the 100-year period Leo XIII had a vision of. The following article gives a brief breakdown of this vision.

Leo XIII & the one hundred years

For reference, Pope Leo XIII is also the first pope ever shown on film. The following clip is from 1896!

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