For Greater Glory, coming June 1

The Mexican Civil War took place between 1926 – 1929.  The Masonic government of Mexico, led by President Plutarco Elias Calles ruthlessly persecuted the Catholic Church in that country.

This is something that could happen in America, if we’re not vigilant.

Under President Calles the the Mexican government outlawed religious orders, seized church property, forbid clergy the right to vote and suspended their right to trial by jury, among other things.  It was ruthless.

For Greater Glory is a movie about courageous Catholics fighting back.  The Cristeros were an army of Catholics that fought back against that demonic government, and included within its ranks many Knights of Columbus (Vivat Jesus!) .  It is a movie about the army of the devil versus the army of God, and gives full meaning to the term Church Militant (those Catholics of us that are still in this world).

This is a movie definitely worth seeing.  And to ponder.  Anti-Catholic persecutions can flare up very quickly.

For more information on the movie go HERE

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