We Need the Church

Rebecca Hamilton of PublicCatholic.com has an interesting post titled We Need the Church.  This post was very interesting to me, because I have encountered people who state “I love Jesus, but I hate religion”.  I have had several conversations pointing out that, without the Catholic Church, we would not have the New Testament as we have it today.  And without the New Testament, what would be our understanding of Jesus?

As Mrs. Hamilton points out,

You can’t love Jesus and hate religion. If you try, you will inevitably end up loving a Jesus who is not Christ the Lord but a mirror image of you.

and also

We can convince ourselves of anything. I know, because I’ve done it. Because I see other people do it every day of my working life.

Before returning to my faith, I could very easily justify my own sins, and I did.

Mrs. Hamilton’s entire post is worth reading.

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  1. Thanks for referencing my post!

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