Cardinal Burke on the Society of Saint Pius X

Cardinal Raymond Burke speaks to the Catholic News Service about the reconciliation process of the Society of Saint Pius X. Cardinal Burke is one of the best cardinals out there. As bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, he gave the Institute of Christ the King a church in Wausau, called Saint Mary’s Oratory. He has been a staunch defender of the Catholic Faith, and not been shy about using his authority on those who go astray.

I noticed one phrase that Cardinal Burke used that is obvious to those who don’t look around for someone to hate: The people of the Society of Saint Pius X have the Catholic Faith (yes, and they always have!!), and a love of the Sacred Liturgy.

The nearest SSPX chapel to me is a few hours away, but I have been there once, recently, and the Mass there is so beautiful! And there are so many children there. Similar to other Latin Masses I have attended, the majority of people at the SSPX chapel I went to, Our Lady Immaculate Church in Chicago, were children. As I have said before, Catholic Orthodoxy is a vibrant and growing force, while heterodoxy and liberalism ages and dies.

As a personal bit of news, I first visited the Institute of Christ the King church, Saint Mary’s Oratory in Wausau, I believe in 2002, on the way coming back from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I was able to attend their High Mass, which was just beautiful. It had been so many years since I had been to a High Mass, so many years since I had heard Gregorian Chant. My own diocese has several Traditional Latin Masses available, and the closest is around half an hour away. That Mass is wonderful, and a couple of times we have had Missae Cantatae. But it has not had a High Mass.

But the full High Mass is just gorgeous. It is like touching heaven. I have been to Saint Mary’s Oratory a couple of times since, as well as the ICKSP church in Rockford, Saint Mary Oratory (similar name, though not possessive).

I consider Cardinal Burke a champion of the Latin Mass.

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