RORATE CÆLI: SSPX-Rome divinations

Per Rorate Caeli (original story from Le Figaro, in French), more Society of Saint Pius X news.

RORATE CÆLI: SSPX-Rome divinations.

It looks like before any reconciliation takes place, the General Chapter of the Society will take place in Econe, Switzerland, from July 7-14.  I am sure at the meeting the new document will be discussed in detail.  And it may be some time before a deal is signed.

From the story, it sounds like there may be some Vatican infighting over the SSPX and a reconciliation.  There are definitely forces in the wider church, especially among liberal churchmen, that do not want to see the SSPX come in.  And, as shown in my last post, there are also forces in the SSPX that are leery.

From the story, it sounds like Bishop Fellay was kind of ambushed with unexpected changes to the agreement.  Maybe there is a reason for the caution of the other three bishops?

From the story:

When everything seemed ready for a final agreement between the Holy See and the Fraternity of St. Pius X, Bp. Fellay, its Superior General, returned to Menzingen this Thursday with a new document in hand. According to several sources, it is assured that this document does not correspond to the one that had been expected, and that several important modifications had been added to it.

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