Bishop Alexander Sample on the Traditional Latin Mass

My father has been telling me about of His Excellency, Bishop Alexander Sample, over the last few years.  He is the bishop of the Diocese of Marquette, my parents’ diocese.  My father likes him very much, and has gone to his Latin Mass at Saint Peter’s Cathedral.

Here Bishop Sample discusses the Traditional Latin Mass, and particularly why the priest facing the altar (which was traditionally east) while celebrating the Mass.

I hope for more strong, devout bishops like Bishop Sample for the United States, and the Church throughout the world.

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4 Responses to Bishop Alexander Sample on the Traditional Latin Mass

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’ve heard the criticisms and arguments he addresses in his homily, even from priests. His explanation is clear, simple, logical.

  2. veritas2 says:

    Great sermon! We’re anticipating his arrival here in Oregon. I’m posting a link to this post. Thank you.

  3. Fr. Michael - op says:

    He’s right. An ad orientem celebration is not about turning our backs on the people. More than ever we priests need to turn our faces to the Lord — especially while praying the Mass.

    • As a layman, I can say something just feels right with the priest saying the Mass Ad Orientem. It feels like he is leading us in our worship in a more profound way, and that we are joined with him in that worship.

      Thank you for stopping by, and for your comment Father. God Bless.

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