The Right Stuff: Send the Right Message

The Right Stuff: Send the Right Message.

From It’s Fun to Be a Girl (yeah, I know, I’m way out of my area of expertise here 🙂 )

After posting my last entry, about Planned Parenthood and “Comprehensive Sex Education”, I had a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to post something more lighthearted, and faithful to Catholicism.

This post is more cheerful, and FAITHFUL.  It is written for women, on how single women can communicate with men to express interest, and yet let the men initiate a relationship.  I liked this passage from the article.

We find this truth first in Sacred Scripture, namely that the lover seeks his beloved and initiates the gift; she is a garden enclosed, a sealed fountain, and upon gaining admittance at her gate, he is blessed with untold riches.

and a little later this:

We are not speaking here of a passive woman and dominant man. However, we are speaking of an order proper to courtship; I know that this goes against everything that our feminist foremothers have taught us, but our experience tells us that it’s true.  We have to let a man initiate!  When a guy is just not that into me, when I do all the work and pursue him, it causes me a good deal of heartache, as well as sets the stage for a negative pattern in marriage.  Goodness, I have so much more to say about this!

It was a fun article to read.

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