Romanian Catholic Martyrs

Warning:  the following Vortex is very hard to watch.  Not for kids, or those who are very sensitive.

The following two videos talk about how the Communists in Romania tortured Catholic priests and bishops.  Voris tells the story from Jilava Prison.  It is truly horrible, and I cannot give a better idea than Michael Voris himself.

This is what Communism is like.  It wasn’t a “good system that just didn’t work“.  It was, and is, demonic.

This is part two of the video, titled “Torture Tour”.

If you go down the road of liberalism, this is where it leads.

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1 Response to Romanian Catholic Martyrs

  1. Will says:

    Precious Catholic Warriors. God be with their souls. There are special pleasures in heaven for those tormented priests…and special torments in hell for those communists who did not repent.

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