The Dangerous Article for Boys

The following is a good article on what can get boys to read.   It is by Martin Cothran of Memoria Press.

The Dangerous Article for Boys.

It basically states that the modern “get in touch with your feminine” side type of books that are common today are a turn off to boys. What boys want, and need, are action books.  Boys want to be men, heroes.  This is what they are led to.  From the article:

The entire educational establishment has tried for over 50 years to force boys into their effeminate mold, and in the process, they’ve succeeded in evacuating literature of all the things boys like in books: action, adventure, danger, bloodletting—and an iron moral code that is taught, not by smarmy sermonizing, but by immersing them in the moral universe of a story about a hero who not only believes in this code, but enforces it with a vengeance.

The article gives a good list of books to read at the end.  Though I would also add Redwall by Brian Jacques.

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