Average Catholic News 8-17-2012, and Announcement

My family is back from our Michigan vacation, where we visited both my wife’s family (Lower Peninsula) and mine (Upper Peninsula).  It was a wonderful vacation, which I cannot write that great a post about right now.  We got home about 2 hours ago, and it is quite a long drive, so I will probably write something longer later.  But here are a couple of highlights.

The family’s visit with my wife’s side of the family (she is hereby “Wifey” for this post 🙂 ) went really well.  We had a bit of a family reunion this past Sunday, with Wifey, her sister and both her brothers, husbands/girlfriends/etc and a lot of children all visiting Wifey’s father and having a BBQ at Arnold Lake.  There were, I think, over 20 people there all together.  It was really nice.  Wifey also had individual visits with one of her brothers, her sister (and family), and her father.  It was great having everyone together in a really long time.

The visit with my family went really great as well.  The highpoint of the trip for me (other than just seeing my mom, dad and brother) was going to Copper Harbor, to Fort Wilkins.  The day we went was the last day of the “in character” actors for the summer, with soldiers and kids/etc all playing a part in character.  On entering a cabin, one girl asks where you are from, and how you traveled.  If you answer something like “by car”, she acts all confused and asks “What is a car??”  If I remember right the year they were acting out was 1848.  I might be off though.

And the announcement.  I left this until I had a chance to tell Mom and Dad in person.

My wife and I are expecting our 8th child 🙂  We’ve known for about a month, but didn’t want to say anything until we saw our parents in person to tell them.  The due date right now is “sometime in March”.  (Officially March 18, but we’ve not gotten to the due date yet.)  We will give more news when we get it.  Wifey and I are very excited.

Well, it’s been a great, but very tiring week.  I am heading off to bed.

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