Mitt Romney Interview on the World Over, with Raymond Arroyo

Below is the Mitt Romney interview with Raymond Arroyo on the World Over (on the Eternal Word Television Network).

As shown in my post on the quandary of Catholic voters, I have some problems with Mitt Romney. Among these are his past support for Same-sex Civil Unions, his ordering clerks to fill out marriage certificates for same-sex marriages against their conscience (after the Massachusetts Supreme Court forced same-sex marriages to be legalized), and his flip-flopping on abortion and Roe V Wade (he declared being pro-life in 2005).

What he says now mostly sounds good. It is his past positions that concern me. It is possible that his heart was sincerely converted, but it is also possible that he just knows what to say to get elected to different offices. I hope and pray that his heart is now in the right place.

For me, personally, I am going to vote for Mitt Romney. I thought about voting 3rd party, as a protest vote against both major political parties, but I came to the conclusion that President Obama, the most pro-abortion president in our country’s history, is so bad that I am going to “support the other guy”.

I don’t think Romney will show the disdain for the Catholic Faith that Obama has. I think religious freedom, life issues, and traditional marriage will all fair better under a President Romney than President Obama. This is partially shown by the vice-presidential candidates as well. Vice-President Biden, while Catholic, takes a stand against non-negotiable Catholic positions, most notably on abortion. Congressman Ryan, however, seems to be a very decent Catholic fellow. I think his heart is in he right place.

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1 Response to Mitt Romney Interview on the World Over, with Raymond Arroyo

  1. JessicaHof says:

    Good post. Worth remembering that the vote for Perot helped deliver 8 years of Clinton – 4 of Obama has to be enough.

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