What do you seek?


Minute Meditations, by Angelus Press (and available as a Kindle Book) is a good book that provides short meditations that allow you to think about Jesus in short moments, the spare moments you have throughout the day.

There is a section towards the front, called “What Do You Seek?”  I liked the text on it.  Here is part of the section:

Jesus noted their approach and pausing, turned to receive them, while from His lips fell the simple question: “What do you seek?”

“What do you seek?”  If such a question were put to me by Jesus at any hour of the day what would be my honest answer?

“What do you seek?”  In life as a whole , what is it that I am seeking?  For the millions who jostle their way through life that question, if honestly answered, would tell of feverish questing for pleasure and honor and wealth from daybreak till dark, from life’s early morning till the twilight of aging years marks the closing of the journey.  And what of myself?

“What do you seek?”  In the details of my daily round of duties – in my thoughts and words and actions, in my joys and sorrows, in my work and play, what am I seeking?  Is it God’s greater honor as life’s purpose requires, or my own praise and glory? trinkets of time or eternal treasures?

The reflections in this book are great, and the e-book only costs $4.95 🙂


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1 Response to What do you seek?

  1. James says:

    If ONLY more people could honestly answer that question by saying that they seek honor. …Though I guess, in context, maybe it means “honor” in the sense of “honors received” as opposed to “manifesting integrity in one’s actions,” in which case it’s completely right.

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