Dean Koontz on the World Over

This World Over is from last week, but I watch ’em as I get the chance.

I found several things Dean Koontz talked about fascinating.

1.  He doesn’t outline.  He just writes, and sees where the story takes him.  One of the interesting concepts is that he gives his characters “free will”, to do what they want to do.

2.  On the supernatural acting within our midst – He doesn’t believe that when the supernatural works within the world, it is flashy.  Rather, the supernatural (angels, etc) come into the world through very mundane things.  He singles out dogs 🙂

3.  On what happened after Vatican II.  He believes that the Church, in pushing out many of the symbols of the Church – the Latin, the Chant, etc – pushed out a language where people actually understood the Church.  He sees Pope Benedict XVI bringing this language, these symbols back (slowly), it is restoring the Church.

The whole interview is fascinating, and worth the hour to watch it 🙂

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