Peoria Bishop: Politicians who support abortion rights reject Jesus –

Peoria Bishop: Politicians who support abortion rights reject Jesus –

I will hear this letter read this weekend at Mass, as I am in Bishop Jenky’s diocese.  As I have said before, God bless my bishop!  Bishop Jenky is not shy about standing up for Catholic beliefs, and for taking a stand against the government intrusion into the Church.

I agree with him of course.  I cannot understand people who place politics, and political parties, above their faith.  It is almost as though people hold two religions – one that they attend on Sunday, and one they profess the other six days of the week.  And when the values of one religion (on the Dem side – abortion on demand without exception, same-sex “marriage”, contraception, population control, eugenics) come up against their religion, the political religion wins 😦

I do not believe either political party is “good”, and, as I have said in a previous post I am not voting for Mitt Romney, but right now the party that officially supports the abortion holocaust in their party platform is in power.  That is the party of Barack Obama, the Democrats.  I pray that this changes.  Mitt Romney is not perfect (and was not my first, or even my second, choice on the Republican side), but at least he is not Barack Obama.

This ordering Church institutions – colleges, schools, hospitals, charities, the Knights of Columbus, etc – to provide contraception, abortion-inducing drugs, sterilizations, is evil.  It is telling the Church that in order to perform the corporal works of mercy that we as Catholics are required to do, we also have to provide and promote mortal sin.

Yes, contraception and abortion and sterilization are mortal sins.  And to tell Catholics that in order to perform good, they must also perform evil, in abominable.

I pray for a good outcome to this election.  The United States of America is facing many many problems.  But the biggest one is our moral collapse, because a country that has lost its soul will eventually collapse.

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