Reflection on the election. | Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Father Z’s Reflection on the Election

Father Z’s view on the election. He states some interesting things that I think are 100% correct. About the United States:

Alas, I fear that our vices have called forth precisely the leaders that reflect those vices. The vices feed the leaders, and they the vices.

He speaks about the role of the Church, and how he has reflected on what the Church’s primary job is: to keep as many people out of hell as possible.

I fear that most people, even professing Christians, no longer believe in hell. Or if they do, it is only for the worst of the worst, the Stalins of the world. I fear that too many people think “politically” thinking that all the world’s problems can be solved if we just elected the right people.

Yet that doesn’t seem to be the way the world works. It is very rare that we get the right candidates. In this election, I felt that while President Obama is worse, due to his open hostility to the Catholic Church, and that he never saw an abortion he didn’t like (such as voting against an infants born alive act here in Illinois), Romney was still a bad candidate. Not as bad as Obama, but bad. His stance on life seemed to be, “I believe in less abortions than the President.”

But Romney still believes in abortions in the cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother. And in the debates, when it came to taxes and regulation and foreign policy and contraception (a mortal sin), his message seemed to be “I believe everything you do Mr. President, I will just execute on them better”.

Governor Romney utterly failed to distinguish himself during the debates with the president. He took every politically correct stance he could. I remember when the president accused the governor of opposing contraception for women. He didn’t say, “You know Mr. President, you believe contraception is good, but your administration is forcing those beliefs on faith based organizations that believe it is wrong. You are violating the First Amendment.” Instead he just said, “The president is wrong, and I believe contraception is a good thing for women…” Etc.

I guess my point is, if you put your trust in a politician, you are going to be disappointed, and if you make your religion a Political Party instead of the Catholic Faith, you are on the road away from salvation. Okay, I’m way off topic from Father Z’s post! Go read it yourself. It is excellent, as always.

I like the way he ends his post:

Think frequent confession.

Think fallen away Catholics.

Think four last things.

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