It has been a while since I wrote much on the SSPX.  I got a little depressed about the negotiations between the SSPX and the Vatican – between Bishop Fellay and Cardinal Levada – falling apart this past June.  I blogged what I knew about it, which isn’t much, HERE, back on September 10.

A lot of additional developments have happened.  Bishop Williamson has officially been kicked out of the SSPX, and has actually moved to set up an independent apostolate.  The link to his new webpage is HERE.

I do not attend an SSPX chapel.  So keep that in mind, that everything I know is from that as an outsider.  I have nothing against the SSPX, but the nearest chapel is 2 1/2 hours away, in good traffic.  I consider the SSPX to be a Catholic, fraternal society that is in an irregular situation within the Church. I am not alone in that, but am in the company of people such as Cardinal Burke.  I linked to a video of him talking about them HERE.

Okay, with that disclaimer (or two) behind me, the above link to the Remnant article gives some good insight into the internal happenings of the SSPX.

Maximilian Krah is a lawyer by trade, and has even run for a political position in Germany (though he lost).  He is part of a board that helps to manage the finances of the SSPX.  This isn’t a secret, but something that he talks about openly in the Remnant interview.  There is a branch of traditionalists within the society that have run a smear campaign against him.  In this interview he helps to set the record straight, and answers those who have spread rumors about him.

During the interview, Krah talks about his life growing up as a Catholic, and in his 20’s finding the Catholic Tradition, and his joining the SSPX.  He talks about and answers many rumors that have been spread against him.  And more interestingly, he talks about Bishop Williamson, Williamson’s views about the holocaust (and how His Excellency did not break the law since he didn’t know the interview would be broadcast in Germany), about Bishop Williamson firing his lawyer and hiring his own, and the “Williamson Affair” within the SSPX.

I cannot do the interview justice, so it would be a good thing just to read the whole thing 🙂  I do like answer of Krah’s about being optimistic, and looking forward to the future:

Siscoe: Is there anything else you would like to add before we conclude?

Krah: Yes, I´d like very much to advocate a more optimistic world view. If you read those internet sites that attack me, usually they expect the Armageddon within the next two years, if not sooner.  Even if I expected the Armageddon tomorrow, I´d still plant my apple tree today.  If we look at how things are happening, we can see that the Conciliar epoch will come to an end.  The Conciliarists don’t have young people.  Young priests today tend to classical Traditional Catholicism, and those young people who still go to Mass, are usually not the left wingers.  It is just a matter of time before the Traditional liturgy and theology will get back its place.  And the same for society; of course we have a lot of developments in the wrong direction, but we also have developments in the right direction.  We have both at the same time, but 10 years ago, 20 years ago, things were only moving in the wrong direction.  We did not have these newly conservative and Traditional movements.  Today we have a new fresh conservative spirit and conservative thinking which is growing, which is becoming strong and stronger.  And I just recommend to be optimistic, and to look for allies under those newly conservative movements; because together we are strong, and we can stop this left-wing chaos, and against it we might set a positive attitude and a positive development towards a rebirth of Western civilization and Christianity.  So stay optimistic!  What can happen to a movement that knows the Almighty is on its side? Doesn´t it shows a lack of trust in God to be always that pessimistic and depressed?

There are those who act like the Catholic Church is falling apart.  I have heard before someone tell me, a fellow Catholic, “You know the Church is dying.  Right?”  And there are a lot of those inside the Church that seem to believe that.  Now I do believe there are serious problems in the Church, with a lot of groups rebelling against the Holy Father and being disobedient (see Cardinal Burke link above — he says the same thing).  I do think that after the Second Vatican Council teachings became muddy and confused. (I will let those smarter than I debate whether the Council was the cause — search my past posts for my two cents).

But why be so negative, when we should be so joyful?  We are Catholics!  We are sons and daughters of God.  We live in God’s kingdom, within His Church, and within His Truth.  Joy attracts, and converts, others.  Being angry or sour or depressed actually drives people away.  Away from the Church, and away from salvation.

One last note — unless there is further news of Bishop Williamson in regards to the SSPX, I probably won’t cover him too much.  Or, if his new apostolate takes off.  I have followed a general rule of not attacking or criticizing any member of the SSPX, especially during the talks with the Vatican, and even when I strongly disagree with them on certain things.  This includes His Excellency, and I am going to continue to follow that, even now that Bishop Williamson is no longer in the SSPX.

I received First Communion in an SSPX chapel, and fondly remember those I went to Mass with, including my CCD teacher (please say a prayer for her, as she has passed away).  I remember then-Father Williamson as well.  Those experiences and the SSPX are part of who I am.  My memories are very different than those who try to say “this” or “that” about the Society, and how “bad” they are.

I pray that “God’s will be done”, in regards to the SSPX, in the possible reunification with the wider Church, and for our Catholic Faith as a whole.  At the same time, I am working to build up my home parish, try to attend the Tridentine Mass whenever I can, and pray for the freedom of the Catholic Church to rescue as many souls for heaven as possible.

God Bless.

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