Average Catholic News – Nov 25, 2012

A short post on the things going on in AC’s life 🙂

First, my wife and I now know what our new baby is.  Wifey is having a little girl, due in late March.  This will be our 8th child, and our 3rd girl.  Which makes us very happy.  We were hoping for another girl in the family.

Second, I am working on a story in my spare time.  It is about a young Hispanic girl growing up in Los Angeles, an illegal immigrant, and the challenges that she has to face.  It is mainly a love story, and follows her as she grows up, gets married, and has children.

Third (and this is a techie thing) I am working to improve my skills in Linux/Unix, in the Perl programming language, and in Java, all technologies I am interested in.  I have worked in all of those before, but wish to get back into them.  What is a lot of fun is I am working to teach my teenage daughter, and my nine year-old son, both how to program.  Of course my teenager is picking in up faster.

It is all fun, and my family and job, homeschooling and Church, etc, keep me very busy. I have a very full life, a wonderful life.  Large families are a ton of fun, even if it gives us a lot of challenges.

Someday I hope to publish the book, maybe using something like KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).  The book I am working on is called Open Tears.  The title is likely to change.  We’ll see 🙂  I might post a little here as I make progress in it.

And now, back to work 🙂

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