Bishop Fellay Discusses the Crisis that Occurred in the SSPX

From Rorate-Caeli on a January 1 post, Bishop Bernard Fellay’s discusses the problems and confusion that has occurred in the SSPX in the last year or so.  The direct file to His Excellency’s talk is HERE (mp3 link goes to  The talk is in English.

This talk is long, about an hour and a half.  It is packed with information, about the things that have been happening between Rome and the SSPX.  Bishop Fellay talks about a lot of contradictory messages that have been coming from Rome, with one example saying a communication coming from Rome saying that a priest who joins the SSPX has “lost the faith”.  Bishop Fellay goes to Rome, and speaks with a monsignor, who tells Bishop Fellay to rip up and throw away the communication.  It sounds as though the SSPX has been receiving a whole lot of contradictory signals like this.

He mention the end of the doctrinal discussions, and how they ended on a bad note.  The Roman side accused the SSPX of being Protestants, and the SSPX accused the Roman side of being Modernists.  Bishop Fellay says that they came to one point of agreement, and that is that there is nothing to which they agree.  (at about the 16:45 mark)

Discussion on the Preamble starts around 19:30.  Bishop Fellay mentions what is actually in the Preamble, and it is the most information that I have received on it now.

Note – if you like Vatican II, this talk will probably make you angry.

For other interest points, I am just going to note the minute mark, and a highlight.  Of course, what jumps out at me may be different than what will jump out for you, so be sure to set aside a couple of hours to listen to this 🙂

46:00 minute mark – On June 13, the head of the Freemasonry in Rome states that there will be no agreement.

46:45 – Several bishops conferences state opposition, especially the German’s bishops conference.

51:30 – Bishop Fellay discusses the Council of Florence, and the difficulties with the Orthodox Church.  Since the Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox church, in the case of marriage and unfaithfulness, the two churches were prepared to put the issue of marriage, from the Council of Florence, aside.

53:00 – Bishop Fellay’s letter to Holy Father, and the Holy Father’s reply.

57:10 – the Orthodox are watching the discussions between Rome and the Society, to see how Rome treats the SSPX in trying to solve problems.

59:20 – the SSPX has given an official answer to the Pope regarding the June 13 document that Rome wants to the SSPX to sign.  Note – the answer is given (3 times), even if Rome still states that they are “waiting” for it.

1:04 – Bishop Fellay states directly “This New Mass is bad”.  He stated this directly to the Pope in 2005.  States many many priests, celebrating the Novus Ordo, no longer believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.  He cites several surveys.

1:07 – As the way things are now, thousands and millions of souls are being lost.

1:09:55TEN PERCENT of newly ordained priests in France now are SSPX priests.  Well, France fell pretty far, so it is not hard to believe.

1:10:45 – The average age of French priests is above 70.

1:16:30 – Bishop asks who was the most opposed that the SSPX is recognized in the Church?  The enemies of the Church.  He cites the Jews, the Mason, and the Modernists.

1:19:30 – We have the right to be called Catholics.

1:22:40 – The tomb of the mother of Pope Paul VI is a Masonic tomb.

1:23:30 – Bishop Fellay states that P0pe Pius XII was given information that the future Pope Paul VI was working with Communists against Pius XII.

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