Large Family, Homeschooling, and CCD

Since I first started teaching CCD last year, I have found it very interesting and rewarding.  We have a fairly small parish, and each CCD grade has only a few kids (1st through 5th this year).  The second grade – the First Communion class – is the largest.

I normally teach 4th grade, but was called early this morning to say the head of the CCD program (and our 2nd grade teacher) was sick, the 5th grade teacher was sick.  3rd grade teacher couldn’t be there, leaving me and my teenage daughter (who teaches our 1st grade kids).

This is where having a large family and homeschooling comes in useful 🙂  With seven kids ranging in age from 16 to 1 (plus a new baby daughter in March!), I am pretty used to dealing with a lot of kids at a time.  And being part of a home school family, I am used to “winging it” when things don’t go exactly according to plan.

Instead of having separate classes, we just got everyone together, and talked about the Seven Sacraments.  That subject can be done simply, just listing the sacraments and what each is for.  But I went more into depth today.  Where does the Church get the sacraments?  Why do we have seven?  Who gave the Church the sacraments?  Where do the priests (and bishops) get the power to celebrate the sacraments?

We went a bit more into depth with Baptism, the Eucharist, and Holy Orders, and a lot of questions were generated.  Which is good.  I can tell I am getting through to some kids when questions are asked 🙂

We ended with a Rosary.  There is a lot of varied knowledge about the Rosary among the CCD kids.  The youngest ones are still learning their prayers.  The oldest are pretty good at it.  A couple of the kids led it the Rosary, and I handed them a Kindle with the “My Rosary” app running, which helped them with remembering the Mysteries of the Rosary.  It spells them out explicitly.

Overall it was a fun morning.  Though it will be nice to have backup when the other teachers return 🙂

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1 Response to Large Family, Homeschooling, and CCD

  1. Ah, the Baltimore Catechism…….an oldie but a goodie. I teach Gr. 2 First Communion Catechism (we don’t call it CCD in Canada) and my class has 21 students this year. Although I don’t homeschool, I agree that having a large family is definitely a help in dealing with a room full of children.

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