Holy Mass. Anywhere. Anytime.


From the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP), there is an iPhone/Android app called iMass (link below).  The iPhone version is HERE.  The Android version of the app is HERE.  The Android link off their page (below) for Android is broken, so use mine 🙂

Also, the Kindle Fire version is HERE.

Holy Mass. Anywhere. Anytime — iMass’s web page

What is neat about iMass is that it gives you a Missal for the current day, as well as the traditional Breviary (which is really nice).  You can also watch Traditional Latin Masses, including the past Sunday’s Mass, Today’s Mass, or watch whatever Mass is occurring right now, live (if there is one).

The iPhone version has a link to their YouTube channel, which I haven’t checked out, but I plan to.

A couple of notes.  From my experience, the iPhone app is pretty flawless.  The only Android device I have is a Kindle Fire.  Amazon has its own App Store, and sometimes Android apps need to be modified to work with the Kindle Fire.  I won’t go into the technical details on why.

Anyways, the Kindle Fire app kind of works.  The Missal is there, and nice.  I, again, like the Breviary.  But I’ve had trouble getting “Today’s Mass”, and “Sunday’s Mass” to work.  I haven’t tried it live on the Kindle Fire, so I cannot say.

Overall, I give 5 stars to their iPhone app, 3 to the Kindle Fire app.  If you cannot make it to a Latin Mass in your area, but have an iPhone, you can nevertheless follow along with a daily Mass.  And that is pretty cool.  If anyone has a non-Kindle Android device, and has used this app, please leave a comment to let me know how that has worked for you.

I heartily recommend the iPhone version.  If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad go and check the app out.

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