SSPX – Year in Review 2012 (Parts 3 & 4)

Below are parts 3 & 4 of an interview with Father Arnaud Rostand, the SSPX District Superior of the United States.  The interviewer is James Vogel.  You can find parts 1 & 2 HERE.

There are some very interesting things discussed in these parts of the interview.  Father talks about the “Williamson Affair”, the expulsion of Bishop Richard Williamson from the Society of Saint Pius X, and that Bishop Williamson was not asked to do anything against the faith, but merely to obey the rules of the Society (obedience is very important in the lives of Catholics — Catholics are not rebels).

Father Rostand also talks about “Discernment of the Spirits”.  The three types of spirits we follow are “The Spirit of God”, “The Spirit of Men”, and “The Spirit of Satan”.  He talks about how we can tell which spirit we are following.

He talks about the need to read the spiritual books, and recommends some.

The videos (parts 3 and 4) are below:



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