God made them Male and Female: Or did He?

From the SSPX, this was an interesting, if a bit depressing, Pastor’s Corner (link below).  It is about Massachusetts Department of Education, and a mandate within public schools to allow children as young as five to “change” their “gender identity”.

The Pastor’s Corner: February 2013

What kind of strange world do we live in? I agree with a quote later on in the column:

The Victorian poet W. E. Henley wrote the oft-repeated lie so frivolously esteemed by modern men:

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

In rejecting God as the Author of life and conferring on himself powers and authority which are not his, modern man repeats the sin of Eden and separates himself–and thus his soul–from God.

Public schools in many places are poisonous.  My advice is to home school, or find a good private school for you children.

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