Offerings for the Infant King

The Institute of Christ the King has launched a new website, in honor of Christ Our Infant King.  Go HERE and check it out.  It looks like a really good website!

Here is a small excerpt of what is on the front page:

The word compassion has become popular in today’s world–so popular, that sometimes compassion can be disconnected from the truth about real virtue. In the name of compassion, some people try to justify abortion and euthanasia, which they advocate as “mercy-killing.” They claim that . . . it is compassionate to end a person’s life, if the intention is to end their misery.

It is most ironic that compassion is invoked for ending suffering since, in fact, the very word compassion means “to suffer with.” True compassion is rooted in love. Love moves us to take on the pain of the sufferer in hopes that some positive good will emerge from this shared suffering.

This is what Jesus did in the Incarnation. God became man in in order to suffer with us. God came to share in human suffering so that, by His sufferings in the flesh, the damage caused by the sins of humanity could be fixed and restored. Already just 8 days after His birth Jesus is circumcised. Our God begins His life of suffering among us by shedding His Blood already as an Infant.

Read the rest over there!

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