Little Angels Times – Volume 1

One of the things that I love to do is write. That is part of the reason I keep this blog! But while this blog is for adults, I wanted to put something together for kids, and especially my kids, to help them to love and live their Catholic faith.

I have decided to create a little newspaper for my kids, which I am calling Little Angels Times.  I am also planning to use this newspaper with my CCD kids, to try to give them a sense of the news going on in the Catholic world.  My hope is that this will let them see that church isn’t just the local parish, but something that spans thousands of years, and the entire world.  I am going to write new ones as I have time, hopefully once a week, but perhaps less.

In case others are interested in using this newspaper as a template, or verbatim, I have provided a link to a PDF version here -> Little Angels Times – Vol 1.  An image of part of the front page is below.

If you wish to use this with your kids, or CCD class, feel free to download it and print it out.  I am putting no restrictions on its use.

LAT Vol 1

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