Attacking the Pope

Below is a Vortex on the attacks taking place, both against Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and against Pope Francis.

For the attacks against Benedict XVI, Michael Voris talks about the contrasts the media is drawing between Pope Francis and Benedict XVI.  By constantly stating “The Catholic Church NOW has a pope that loves the poor”, the implicit message is that the previous popes did not.  Also the target of these comparisons is to try to undermine Church teaching on faith and morals, especially the “pelvic issues”.  Good luck with that liberals.  The pope is INCAPABLE of changing Church teachings on morals, even if he wanted to.  The papacy is protected by the Holy Ghost from teaching error in faith and morals.

The other attacks are against Pope Francis, and these are coming from some in the traditionalist wing of the Church.  Some of the comments on Rorate-Caeli‘s posts (the site is a great resource for Traditionalists, it is some of the people in the com-boxes I am referring to), and some of those in Fisheaters/etc , have been disgusting (some of the people commenting — the owner of Fisheaters, Vox Clamantis, is great.  And the main site, HERE, is a wonderful resource for all Catholics).

Pope Francis is not going to be perfect, but he is the pope.  And the office of the papacy, and the holder of that office, deserves our respect.

Note I am saying some traditionalists are launching these attacks.  Most Catholic traditionalists respect the pope, because that is what a traditionally-minded Catholic does.  We respect the office of Peter.  We respect the papacy even if we disagree with with certain actions of a pope (for example, the Assisi interfaith meetings), or don’t agree with the style or personality of a particular pope.

Also, as Michael Matt from the Remnant Newspaper noted in one of his reports, some very liberal cardinals turn out to be great popes.  He uses Pope Pius IX as an example:

I remain hopeful, despite my initial sense of dread last night when it was announced that a South American Jesuit would be the new successor of St. Peter. Perhaps my dread will prove to have been warranted. Please God let it not be so. In the meantime the grace of office and the mysterious workings of the Holy Ghost can and often do change everything, as the example of Pope Pius IX bears out— the liberal cardinal who quite unexpectedly became the great papal hammer of the liberals.

Personally, I would have loved to have a Pope Burke (whatever papal name he took), but I will love Pope Francis, and pray for him as often as I can. He is the successor of Peter, the rock that will guide the Catholic Church.

God bless Pope Francis.  God bless the Catholic Church.

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1 Response to Attacking the Pope

  1. In Excelsis says:

    I like how Francis has been emphasizing both the spiritual and material aspects of Catholicism in equal measure. I think that’s a message a lot of partisans need to hear.

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