Hackers Targeting WordPress

Average Catholic is hosted on WordPress, so this story interested me.

I am seeing several stories of how hackers are trying to get into WordPress blogs.  One such story is linked below.

How To Sidestep The WordPress Botnet Hack | SiliconANGLE.

The two basic steps that I am hearing to prevent your site from being hacked are to:

1) Don’t use the default username. If you still have it as ‘Admin’, change it now.

2)  Use a strong password.  I have been upgrading all of my passwords (not just my WordPress one).  A combination of letters, numbers, and symbols (things like !, # and &) are good.  Also, make it long.  8 character passwords used to be enough.  Now I recommend at least 16.  It gets exponentially harder to brute-force hack your password the longer it is.

Keep safe and God Bless,

Average Catholic

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