The Great Destroyer of Families

In the following Vortex, Michael Voris refers to President Obama as the great destroyer of families.

There are several good points made in this Vortex.  One, Obama does attack the family through his support for same sex “marriage”.  Defining a man-man or woman-woman relationship as marriage is like stating that the law of gravity is revoked.  You can say it… but you are still going to fall.  In nature, only a man-woman relationship can bear life, and that is what marriage is – a life-long union that of love and life, bearing new human life into the world.  Or as Dr. Janet Smith has put it, married love is for “babies and bonding”.

Also, mentioned in the video, is the HHS Mandate.  That attack is very true.

Michael Voris also does a great job explaining how we don’t have this great economy.

The one place I would disagree with Mr. Voris in this episode of the Vortex is that I do not believe President Obama is destroying the economy in order to attack the family.  I think Mr. Voris has gotten it right over and over again, in the past, that abortion, and contraception, through hollowing out the population has had a devastating effect on the economy.

Now President Obama does support abortion and contraception, which are having their negative economic affects in our country, as well as Europe and several (most) other areas.  Of course, even if those did not hurt the economy, they are still morally wrong.  However, I don’t think President Obama sat down and said, “Hey, I think I will attack the family by having a bad economy, with all the jobs being create as part time jobs”…

I think that is a bit of a stretch.  Of course, you never know… I could be wrong.

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