An American Bishop switches political parties

From Father Z’s site:

An American Bishop switches political parties | Fr. Zs Blog.

I am not that interested in the fact that Bishop Tobin switched his party registration from Democrat to Republican. I don’t really like either political party. Though one has intrinsic evils (abortion, homosexual marriage…) enshrined in its platform, while the other (Republicans) do not. But as my father says, “Conservatives conserve the advances liberals have made.” I haven’t noticed Republicans restore any traditional values in my lifetime.

I wanted to note this quote from Father Z’s post, as I think it is important. And kudos to Father Z for telling it like it is 🙂

Don’t give me any of that “you can be ‘pro-life’ and yet not talk about abortion because ‘pro-life’ can’t be limited to the abortion issue” seam-less garment blah blah. We have to defend the poor and the un-born. Don’t give me that “we help the unborn more by not talking about abortion and focusing on government entitlement programs for the poor”. B as in B. S as in S. We don’t have to choose between the unborn and the poor. We can’t choose between them. We have to choose both. Silence about the unborn and avoidance of the issue for the sake of a “bigger picture” is a cop out. Without the right to be born, the other social justice issues are so much wind in the weeds.

I think that puts it very well.

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1 Response to An American Bishop switches political parties

  1. Your Wifey says:

    Good article and some good stuff came out of the comments box. Especially liked the exchange between Phil and Orthodox Chic. Passionate and a little hostile, but all in all, very civil. It is so important to see what the other side believes and why they believe it.
    I could add to the conversation being brought up a Protestant Democrat and converting to Catholic voting Republican, though I can’t identify as one. Only voting for the lesser of two evils. If the Dems were to embrace true immigration reform, clean up the unions and jettison their hateful, divisive policies, I would switch back. I would personally like to see the Republican Party go down in flames and their replacement be more grassroots and accountable to the people for a couple generations. Then I can’t see why it wouldn’t become the twin of the Dems as it is now. One of the parties has to give way and the Republicans are not as wayward (not right word) as the Dems.

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