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I blogged on August 31 (Saturday) about a Remnant Forum episode, called Strange Bed-Fellows – Neo-Catholics & the Far Left. One of the things mentioned in the episode, was that had been raided by the Austrian police. I had not heard this before, and started browsing the web for information. Google searched such as “ police raid August” would turn up so much information on stories that had done, about raids and such, that I was not able to find the information.

So… to Wikipedia I went. There was no entry in the English version of Wikipedia on, but there was one on the German Wikipedia site, HERE. And yes, the offices were raided. Actually, the entire year of 2013 sounds interesting.

I do not speak German, so I switched to using the Chrome browser, which can do automatic language translation. The translation is a bad one, but it works for the purpose of trying to figure out what is going on. The relevant portion is below. I have a bit more commentary after the entry.


On 18 February 2013 showed the English version of images of German bishops with swastikas , because these are the morning-after pill would admitted in the hospitals of their dioceses. The German Bishops’ Conference distanced himself from the website and announced that future content of the Church’s website no longer expected to be used by [22] As early as mid-January had the television editor of the Diocese of Würzburg their channel on gloria. tv deleted. Produced under the auspices of the German Bishops’ Conference Tagessegen had on 20 February 2013 after a prohibition of workplace Catholic television work be removed from [23] Burkhard pants, pastor of the Catholic university community Würzburg , filed a criminal complaint against for employing symbols of unconstitutional organizations . [24]

Bishop Huonder called Nay 20 February 2013 on the offending website to be removed from As a result Nay claimed not to be responsible for the English-language texts and not to remove them. According to diocese spokesman Giuseppe Gracia, the Bishop saw no right to take further action. At the same time stressed Bishop Huonder, distribute or employee of the diocese should support no defamatory or verhetzendes ideas. [25] The other activities for Nay was not prohibited. [7]

On 21 February 2013 was of the Süddeutsche Zeitung accused of homophobic net activists with anti-Semitic tendencies to celebrate. [26]

In March 2013 berated reporters from Spiegel TV that had operated in Switzerland searches on the video portal, as a “stalker” and imputed them Nazi methods ; again used the swastika, this time connected with the logo of mirror TV . [27] Previously, it was to blows between employees in several locations in Graubünden, Reto Nay come among them, and the team of mirror TV. On 11 March 2013 urged the Bishop of Chur Vitus Huonder the headquarters of to delete all files related to it in connection of the website. [28] On 12 March 2013 asked the mayor Pancranzi Berther Tujetsch Nay’s dismissal by the local diocese, the priest if his work is not put down in and clearly dissociate from its activities. Berther added that his village would “no nest of extremists to be “. [29] On the same day there was a violent assault three employees of to a camera crew from RTL in which a staff member of the camera crew was slightly injured, came . [30]

On 13 March 2013 was double Markus Bauer, an incardinated in the Archdiocese of Vaduz in Liechtenstein priests and technical staff of, directed and encouraged to finish his pastoral work in the diocese by the bishop of the diocese of Chur Huonder. Huonder had in this case to the Vaduz Archbishop Wolfgang Haas appealed. [13] On the evening of the same day was dismissed Reto Nay of the parish Sedrun. The Diocese of Churchill urged him to immediately resign from his job as a pastor, otherwise it will the canonical mission withdrawn. [31]

In March 2013, the Graubünden cantonal police initiated an investigation in connection with To which any offense and whether it was due to a breach of the criminal law-racism is being investigated by the use of swastikas, was not disclosed. [3] On 15 March 2013 Nay was also relieved of his duties by Bishop Huonder. [32] Nay gave up on, this was done “witch hunt” because of. [33] Since the 16th March 2013 is the server location of by hosting at the company Cloudflare veiled. [6] According to a statement of the parish in Sedrun Nay 14 is Disappeared in March 2013 and since then neither find nor achievable. [8] Even after that he remained in hiding. [34] Doina Buzut and Markus Bauer Double temporarily disappeared without a trace from the public, was not temporarily available. [15]

In Liechtenstein called Alexander Batliner , president of the Progressive Citizens’ Party , Archbishop Haas to a statement on whether he distanced himself from pastor Double builder activity for Also, the proposed concordat between Liechtenstein and the Holy See , which authorize the Archdiocese of residence permits for all employees, must be questioned. He did not want Liechtenstein people who verträten such ideas, offer shelter. [35]

In Global Gloria of 19 March 2013 represented the portal, the thesis that the election of Pope Francis meant a break with the papacy of his predecessor, Benedict XVI. . [36] On 8 April 2013 Doina Buzut came back on on, double Markus Bauer was in mid-April 2013, the Vienna underground seen. [15] Also in April 2013 Reto Nay preached again on and reported to the Diocese of Chur, his whereabouts however, remained unknown. [37]

During a raid on the Austrian government and police against of the computer was seized in August 2013. The apartments of two priests from Upper Austria and Vienna were searched, both were accused of involvement in extreme right-wing, homophobic and anti-Semitic articles. The sister of the Viennese priest is said to have tried to stop the police to the driving of a computer, where a police officer was injured. [38] [39] [40] The prosecution Feldkirch confirmed on 12 August 2013, the searches and arranged the event later determined because of the crime scene in Vienna to have ceded to the local prosecutor’s office. [41] On the same day confirmed the Belgian Bishops Conference , that both priests and employees of both of and in any diocese incardinated were. [42] The suspects were criminal charges , but remained at large. [43] The Berlin public prosecutor initiated an investigation against the operators of [44]

The prosecutor in the canton Graubünden set in August 2013 its investigation of offenses under the criminal law and racism disturbing religious worship and freedom, the authority saw no action for a criminal investigation. The investigation of illegal work and stay in Switzerland without necessary permission , however, were continued. [1] The set of Graubünden investigations were adopted by the Vienna public prosecutor. [45]

To do a quick summary, it seems that in some news stories used the image of a swastika (Nazi flag symbol) in order to denigrate those they were talking about. There has been friction between bishops and priests. There have been some physical altercations. It sounds like a mess.

Using anything to do with the Nazi party, such as using images of swastikas, or questioning the holocaust of the Jews by the German state, is a crime in Germany – no freedom of the press in this regard, or of speech. And Germany will take your kids away from you if you homeschool (see the Romeike case, and support HSLDA!).

Note that I do not think using swastikas for any reason is in good taste, and I think questioning the historical accuracy of the Jewish holocaust is folly, but I do not think they should be illegal, because that gets into being “thought police”, which is a whole lot worse. It gets down to “you will think what I say you think”. Because then you can get into things like “hate speech”, and outlawing the questioning of “homosexual marriage”, or perhaps questioning abortion (which I think is coming). Anyways, that is for another post. Back to the main point.

I do not know what the legal relationship is between Germany and Austria. But the offices have been raided by Austrian police. And I notice that Lucia and Doina, the women who usually do the news reporting, have not done them since August 22.

Personally, I am going to pray for those caught in this situation.

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