Woman with family in Syria confronts John McCain

Below is a woman who had a relative killed by the Syrian rebels. She has family in Syria. She confronts Senator John McCain in a town hall meeting, pleading with him to not support an attack on Syria.

I fully agree with her (and Pope Francis, and the American bishops, for that matter). We should not be attacking Syria. Our military should not be siding with the rebels, which include Al-Qaeda. We should not side with the people who carried out the attacks on September 11, 2001.

I am tired of hearing the argument that we need to kill people in the name of peace. Any dictator can twist the meaning of words out of true, to justify violent acts.

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1 Response to Woman with family in Syria confronts John McCain

  1. James says:

    Look at the way McCain just brushes her off. Our elected officials don’t give a crap about us.

    Maybe Assad is a butcher. SO WHAT? It would be physically impossible to send our military after all of the world’s butchers. Why single out this particular butcher when there are other places with even worse conflict going on?

    How would we like it if some other country declared our stockpile of nukes dangerous WMDs (which they are) and noted that we flagrantly abuse our military power whenever we want (which we do) and decided to launch a preemptive strike against us? Probably we wouldn’t like it very much. So how exactly is it OK for us to do that to other countries using that justification? Who died and made us God?

    To **** with these morons. Our political establishment is rotten to the core.

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