Mic’d Up – The Murder of Matthew Shepard, and Evolution

I found this Mic’d Up, from Church Militant TV, very interesting.  It dealt with two primary subjects.  One was new facts that have come to light about the murder of Matthew Shepard, where Michael Voris interviews Stephen Jimenez, the author of the book “The Book of Matt“.  Whatever the truth, please pray for Matthew Shepard and his family members.

Mr. Voris also discusses the theory of evolution, with representatives from the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation.

I don’t remember the Matthew Shepard case real well, though the interview was interesting, in that the story we heard about the murder of Matthew Shepard back in 1998 was incorrect (according to the author), and you get some idea of how the media works.

I was particularly interesting in the evolution discussion.

For the record, I am a creationist.

-Average Catholic


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