Fisheaters on “Forward Boldly” Radio Show

Tracy Tucciarone, the owner of (known as Vox Clamantis on the site), was interviewed by Christine Niles on the “Forward Boldly” radio show.  The interview is HERE.  Tracy discusses why she started Fish Eaters, and what information can be found on the site.  She also discusses the forum, and how she tries to keep the forum positive.

One of the things I found interesting is Tracy discussing the “voice” of Traditional Catholicism on the internet, and how it does not reflect the “voice” of Traditional Catholicism in real life, in the parish.  Specifically, she says that Traditional Catholics are nice, beautiful people, but a lot of what you encounter on the internet does not reflect that reality, and how she is trying to keep the forum from being a place where Traditional Catholics bash the Holy Father, etc.

My experience is the same thing, that Traditional Catholicism is much better represented off the internet than on.

[EDIT:  There are a lot of great Traditional Catholic websites out there from Rorate Caeli, to Remnant Newspaper, to “What Does the Prayer Really Say”, etc).  It is in comment boxes, and on some forums, that I have found much of the nastiness].

The interview lasts about 10 minutes, toward the end of the radio show.  It starts around the 49:20 mark.  I had a little trouble listening to it on the web, so I downloaded it.  There is a link provided right on the page.  So if you have any trouble, go that route.

-Average Catholic


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