Why The NWO Hates Syria

This past fall, the United States and several other countries were getting ready to attack Syria, for the use of chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus.  The United States and other governments were outmaneuvered politically by Russia, showing the political skills of President Putin of Russia.

It seemed very illogical to me for Syria to launch this attack, especially when investigators from the United Nations were currently in the country, investigating the use of chemical weapons at the time.

I have no special information of who used what weapons, but from a logical standpoint, it makes just as much sense for the Syrian rebels (and the terrorist groups inside Syria, like al-Nursa) to use the weapons to give other countries a pretext to attack Syrian forces, as for the Syrian government to use them (which would invite attack by other powers).  The whole thing seemed fishy to me.

Not to mention, I have lost any confidence in western governments, including my own, to tell us the truth about foreign affairs.  I wish this weren’t so.

I wrote a post on September 7, 2013, HERE, about a Christian woman with family in Syria confronting Sentor John McCain.  It shows a heart-felt plea for the United States not to take the side of the rebels and terrorists in Syria, as she does not want her loved ones to become ‘collateral damage’ in the struggle.

Why does the US and other western powers want to overthrow the Syrian government?  I figure it has to do with oil and other natural resources, and to increase the influence of the US allies in the region – Saudi Arabia and Israel.

However, this morning I ran across a YouTube video by “Syrian Partisan Girl”.  It gives some interesting information as well.  She concentrates on Syria’s resistance to the New World Order (global government), and its unique national identity.  One of the things she points out is that Syria has a national bank, which is not part of the world-wide banking system.  Another is that it will not use genetically modified foods.  She gives eight reasons in all.  I will do a little research into the reasons she gives, to see if there is any more information on these, or if there is counter-information as well.

Anyways, the video is linked below.  Let me know if you have any information on what she talks about, either supporting her arguments or against them.  I’d love to have some links to read on them.


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