Mic’d Up “The Principle: Is Earth Really the Center of the Universe?”

From ChurchMilitant.tv, in this episode of Mic’d Up, Michael Voris interviews Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano about the upcoming documentary The Principle.  Sungenis and DeLano do bring up some interesting questions about the prevailing theory of Heliocentrism, such as Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Anyways, this was an interesting show to watch 🙂

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3 Responses to Mic’d Up “The Principle: Is Earth Really the Center of the Universe?”

  1. James Phillips says:

    This was a great interview. Thanks much for giving it some additional publicity. The much falsified Copernican Principle has one foot in the grave. This documentary movie The Principle should be a really strong catalyst in helping to get the other foot in.

  2. Both Lawrence Krauss (interviewed in documentary) and Kate Mulgrew (the voice over narrator) have distanced themselves and made statements against geocentrism. Krauss claims he never knowingly gave an interview and his speech was either bought from a third party or was gained by subterfuge. Mulgrew claims outright that she was misdirected and deceived by the producers. If you really are creating a documentary about truth – why the need for unethical practices in its production? Even if every thing they cover is true, dubious and deceitful production methods would taint the product to some extent.

    • Michael says:

      How do you know the producer and/or director was deceitful? In fact, both parties distancing themselves had signed waivers and were paid for their time and cashed the checks. Public pressure by people who had never seen the film caused both to fearfully step away. Their distancing statements are not really credible, but clearly out of fear.

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