The Slaughter of the Young, and How Pro-Life Are You?

The following Vortex, from last Friday (January 24) discusses that even Catholics, including young Catholics, that are Pro-Life can fall into the trap of accepting the evils of contraception and pro-homosexual relationships.

At the end of the Vortex segment was a really good question, of asking “How pro-life are you?”  It starts at about the 5:27 mark.  It makes the point, very well (as I have tried to do) that if you are pro-life, you MUST oppose contraception.  Watch the clip to understand more, or search my blog.

An individual on YouTube, Resistere, pulled out the “How pro-life are you” clip, and published it as its own.  I do not know if Resistere is part of Church Militant TV, but thank you for breaking it out 🙂  It is below.


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