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The Catholic Post : Featured Article – Bishop Jenky reflects on his first meetings with Pope Francis

This Catholic Post article talks about one of my favorite bishops, His Excellency Daniel Jenky (my bishop!), and his meeting with Pope Francis as part of the delegation from Notre Dame on January 29 & 30. The Catholic Post : … Continue reading

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The Necessary Means of Salvation

I’ve had a lot of questions in the past on the doctrine – “Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus”- Outside the Church there is no salvation.  Recently, over at Fisheaters, Vox Clamantis posted on this, quoting from the Catholic Encyclopedia (search for … Continue reading

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A catechetical response to same-sex marriage

From Our Sunday Visitor, the following article written by John Cavadini gives a good argument against homosexual “marriage”. A catechetical response to same-sex marriage. From my experience, when it come to homosexual marriage, most people do not think very deeply. … Continue reading

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What’s Behind the UN Attack on the Church? | Crisis Magazine

What’s Behind the UN Attack on the Church? | Crisis Magazine. The United Nations is extraordinarily hostile towards the Catholic Church, particularly those parts of the U.N. that engage in promoting child-murder (abortion), and the blocking of new life (contraception). … Continue reading

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Bishop Fellay Testimonial Video

Below is an interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay after a screening of the Archbishop Lefebvre documentary. I’ve seen the documentary (I got it as a Christmas present 🙂 ), and it is very good, showing the life of Archbishop Marcel … Continue reading

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